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Still no Jailbreak Available for Apple Tv 3, still many scams are available BEWARE!!.

What’s New at Apple TV 3

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4 New Apple TV 3 Features

Some of the newest and greatest features that have been added to Apple Tv 3

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

ATV 3 Jailbreak Status Update : Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking Your Apple TV 3

Software Development Status Update :
Apple TV 3 Untethered Version - Completed
Beta Testing is now over. Our team would like to tank all our users who helped us in the beta testing process
Current Development Stage: User Interface
The software will be available for public download(free) after graphic interface is completed.

Here is a short preview : Chip Jailbreak Group Service Preview

Official Release Date :
Today, tommorow, by the end of the month. Please be patient !
We are waiting for designers and conders to complete the final stage for the user interface.

Meanwhile in Jailbreak Land :
Most people fear jailbreaking their modern devices because they think their gadgets might be forever compromised.
Those few people who have had the courage to take the big step and control their electronic devices, have been very satisfied with the benefits they have obtained. So, is it worth jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 or not? Here are some pros and cons that will help you make up your mind.

The process of jailbreaking digital media receivers has been described both as a legal and an illegal act. The existing laws do not cover these cases, so it is up to the manufacturers whether they want to file a lawsuit or not. Apple, however, is encouraging the production of Apple TV 3 jailbreaks, so the software could soon be acknowledged as legal.

The safety of your Apple TV 3 is much more important than any legal grounds related to jailbreaks, which is why you should take the time to think the risks through. Once you break into the software of your digital media receiver, your Apple TV 3 will be more vulnerable to viruses and malwares. These incidents can be easily prevented by simply choosing to manually update your device and by downloading apps from trustworthy websites.

Skeptics will try to prevent you from jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 by claiming that you will lose the product’s warranty. There are many other situations that will cause you to lose the device’s warranty, so you should not be set back by their argument. As long as you take care of your digital media receiver and you carefully follow the jailbreaking instructions, your Apple TV 3 will be safe.

Now that I have enlisted the three main disadvantages of jailbreaking your Apple TV 3, it is time to move on to the long list of benefits. The software is a blessing for customers who want to get rid of Apple’s control and be able to use their devices to their fullest potential. The jailbreak enables users to install all the applications they want and to improve the device’s performance with the help of additional functions.

Moreover, the digital media receiver can be customized to display the information that is more relevant for the user once the original software has been breached.

In the end, jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 is not a risk-free process; on the contrary, both the hardware and the software components may be compromised if you don’t follow the instructions. Yet, as an owner of a jailbroken Apple TV 3, I can guarantee you that the risks are just a small price to pay compared to the numerous benefits you will get.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jailbreak: Updates on Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

 Jailbreak Status Update
Tech lovers who recently bought their Apple TV 3 device might want to get familiar with the most recent details concerning the release of the untethered jailbreak. The software went through different stages as developers initially thought the media receiver was impossible to breach and later on, discovered that the hacking software was possible, after all.

Just the other day, developers at Chip Jailbreak Group released a statement announcing that the untethered version of Apple TV 3 will be available by the end of the year.

The press release wrote: “The hacking software is undergoing tests before the final version will eventually be uploaded on the company’s website”. No exact dates were provided, which means we will have to keep on pressing the refresh button for new information.

The team was the first to create a breaching program for Apple TV 3. However, the first users who downloaded the software claimed the jailbreak needed a PC connection for the device to preserve its features after the turn-off. As a result, developers got back to their labs to produce an untethered version of the software, that is, the version that will no longer require a PC connection.

Close sources have stated that the team has already accomplished the first steps towards the creation of the untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak, but the rumor was not confirmed by developers yet. They only declared in their press release that they will continue to test the program they have for one or two more weeks.

These tests are necessary, in their opinion, because they help developers establish whether the program can hack all devices and whether it will bring the same benefits to all customers who will install them on their digital media receivers.

Delivering good products is extremely important for programmers and for this reason, they always ask for customers’ feedback making sure to take their requests in consideration all the time. If you plan to get complete access on your Apple TV 3 by the end of the year, make sure you check the Featured News Category and look for updates..

Monday, December 10, 2012

4 New Apple TV 3 Features

Since the Apple TV 3 jailbreak is so long in coming, we thought we introduce you to some of the newest and greatest features that have been added to your digital media receiver.

Four new features have been added thanks to Apple’s recently released update. In case your device hasn’t been automatically upgraded, you can manually add the update by following the pattern Settings > General > Update Software.

Once your software has been updated, it will become much easier to control and command your device. Rearranging icons was not possible until now, so the new update gives users the possibility to move the Apple TV icons around their home screen according to their wishes.

The previously mentioned feature is not the most important one, however. Apple seems to have paid attention to people’s preferences, so users can finally share IDs. In fact, it is now possible to juggle with multiple IDs while watching movies on the same Apple TV device. This feature was created particularly for families because it gives users the possibility to access the purchase history of an ID or charge an order on a different account with just a few clicks.

Moreover, the introduction of showtimes enables those who have bought Apple TV 3 to watch the schedule of the movies that are being displayed in local theaters directly on their digital media receivers. Thanks to this feature, buyers can also view trailers before purchasing movies online.

Sharing photos is not new to Apple TV customers. As a matter of fact, the option has become common on many similar devices. However, the new software update makes it possible for users to share photo streams, that is, to access the same shared albums they can view on an iOS or an OS X device with the help of Apple TV 3.
Yet, these are just as few of the features you can benefit of after you purchase Apple TV 3. The upcoming iOS jailbreak will pave the way for many more useful options.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Apple tv 3 1080p Untethered Jailbreak Software: Just a Few Days Away

You can tell it’s the holiday season as the good news keep on coming for Apple TV customers. After numerous attempts and trials, our developers have finally managed to produce an untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak. We are now performing the final tests on the hacking software which is due to be released very soon.
  •  ATV 3 Untethered Jailbreak App will be Available for download at no cost
  • Beta Testing is Over : Our Technicians are working to develop an easy and user friendly software interface 
None of the Apple TV 3 jailbreaks that were released until now has been perfect. The software of the device could rarely be breached and the available Seas0nPass programs had one drawback or another. We have managed to release one of the best beta versions for Apple TV 3, but the jailbreak was tethered.

Thanks to the new untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak you no longer have to connect your digital media receiver to your computer in order to boot it. You can finally relax and forget about your battery charger because shutting down your device will trigger no unwanted consequences.

Rebooting your Apple TV 3 is now easier than ever thanks to our new untethered jailbreak. All you have to do if you ever want to reboot your device is to turn it on and proceed as usual without worrying about any computer connections.

We can guarantee you that the untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak is perfectly functional. In fact, our developers are performing numerous tests because they want to make sure that the version they release is really the best you can find.

As soon as the tests will be completed, the hacking software will be published on our website for download in the ATV 3 Featured News category. We cannot provide an exact date for the release of the program, so make sure you stick around and visit our website as often as possible. The untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak is just a few days away.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Countdown To Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Software Announced

 Update: ATV3 Jailbreak App will be available for download by the End of December
 Software Price : 100% Free - There will be no charge for the software any service that requires Subscription is Fake- Please be Patient
 How to Download ? 
Please Check our Featured News Section for Updates.
 How can I participate in beta testing?
We already have over 500 members in beta testing .
Software Development Stage:
Beta Testing - Tethered Version - Compatible ATV 3 (1080p)
 Apple Tv 2 Jailbreak - Untethered Version - Compatible  ATV 2               

According to Apple TV 3 Jailbreak News Channel the countdown to Apple TV 3 jailbreak has begun as the team of developers working on the software are said to release the much-awaited program at the end of the week. Unlike other Apple TV 3 jailbreaks released so far, the new hacking software will work wonders on the beta version of the digital media receiver.

Analysts are constantly skimming forums and websites in search for news related to the launching of the first ATV 3 jailbreak. The prospects were gloomy at first because developers announced that the third generation of digital media receiver cannot be breached. A few weeks later, customers’ hearts began to throb again as analysts announced that Apple TV 3’s software can nevertheless be hacked.

Apple TV 3 owners that are anxiously waiting for the release of Apple TV 3 Jailbreak software should be patient and always check for news and updates at Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak News Channel official website.

Last week, the United States of Technology announced that the new Seas0nPass will be released somewhere around November 30 and it will give users the possibility to take full control of their devices. Even though Apple TV 3 has not been significantly improved from the second generation, there are still many benefits one can obtain after jailbreaking the new gadget.
Instead of the A4 chip that was used on the previous models, the latest digital media receiver features an A5 chip. The latter offers increased power, improved graphics and was purposefully designed to save battery.
In addition, there are many other characteristics that have been added to the latest generation of chips, such as, face detection program, white balance and automatic image stabilization thanks to the inclusion of an image signal processor unit.Another great widget that is also included in the new update for the iphone is the new minecraft application that is free of charge and it is really easy to register for a minecraft premium account.

Apple TV 3 also features 512 MB and is capable of streaming 1080p videos. This features provide many more reasons to be glad that the team of developers is performing the final tests for the new hacking software. They have all reassured us that everyone will be able to download the Apple TV 3 jailbreak within the first days of December.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Beta Version: Why You Should Ditch Your Apple TV2 For Apple TV3

Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak
The third generation of Apple’s digital media receiver may not be very different than the previous ones, but analysts claim there are some benefits that could convince you to ditch Apple TV 2 for Apple TV 3.

1. Like in the case of many other Apple devices, Apple TV 3 has not been significantly improved in comparison with its predecessor. However, the A4 chip has been upgraded to A5, whereas the RAM capacity was boosted to 512 MB. Unlike Apple TV 2 which had limited streaming capacity, Apple TV 3 is now capable of streaming 1080p videos, as well, so you get better specifications at the same price.

2. Apple chose to sell its second and third generation devices for $99, but costs for Apple TV 2 have skyrocketed since developers announced that the jailbreaking software for Apple TV 3 is not currently available.
This may not always be the case as the much-awaited Apple TV 3 jailbreak is expected to be released within the following weeks. Knowing that customers will be free to use the newest model to the fullest once the hacking software becomes available, prices could get a lot bigger than they are today.
The best way to get the Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak software right in the moment it's being launched is to look for updates at Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak News website that is constantly updated.

3. Chip Jailbreak Team announced that they have finally managed to create a beta version of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. The software will be available for download in the last week of November, giving owners the possibility to have full access on their Apple TV 3 devices. The fact that the hack is produced by the same team that developed the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak is reason enough for customers to believe that the software will work for their digital media gadget, as well.

Apple TV 3 is the most advanced digital media receiver there is at present, no doubt about it. Despite this, it is sold at the same price as its weaker predecessor, Apple TV 2. In addition, Apple TV 3 is one step away from being jailbreaked, so tech lovers should definitely consider ditching Apple TV 2 in favor of Apple TV 3.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak Your Apple TV 3

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak your Apple TV 3 device, including the fact that it is against Apple’s terms of service, but the benefits are sometimes too big to ignore. Here are three of the most important reasons that could help you decide in case you are still pondering on whether to jailbreak your new device or not.

Even though a valid jailbreak for the third generation of Apple TV hasn’t been revealed yet, you should, nevertheless, get prepared for the moment when it will eventually be disclosed. Some Apple TV owners may try to convince you that the process is too risky because your warranty will become void. However, the fact that you can use your device at its full capacity should make you at least consider jailbreaking it.

Most Apple TV customers complain about the streaming quality of the videos they purchase or rent on iTunes. The download speed is not any better, either, if we were to judge by those who waited three hours for a movie. Luckily, the jailbreak enables you to free your gadget of all restrictions that Apple tried to impose and to make full use of it.

As the term might metaphorically suggest it, jailbreaking into an Apple device, be it iPhone, iPad or Apple TV gives you the possibility to gain root access to your gadget. The firmware and operating system used on the device, namely iOS, will be easily controlled by you once you have broken them. What’s more important, iOS-based gadgets are now so easy to break that it would actually be a pity if you did not take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their capacity.

All you need to do to jailbreak your Apple TV 3 is a computer or laptop and the latest version of iTunes. As soon as the jailbreaking software for the third generation of digital media receiver is released, you will be able to download and install it on your device.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Is In Progress

The news that the most talented team of hackers could not jailbreak Apple TV 3 has caused a mass hysteria among Internet users. A week later, the developers at Chronic Dev Team announced that an Apple TV 3 jailbreak is currently in progress.

Pod2g, the expert working on jailbreaks disappointed his Twitter followers last week when he informed them that no Apple TV 3 jailbreak was possible for the moment. “I’m not currently working on it nor anyone that I’m aware of,” he added. In spite of the sad news, rumor has it that experts at FireCore might have found a way to break into the software.

jailbreak apple tv 3, apple tv 3The first to announce a jailbreak for the third generation of Apple TV was 9to5Mac. They reassured followers that the person who is working on the project is familiar with Apple TV, so the jailbreak will most certainly be a success.

Various methods have been tested until now, but only one jailbreak seems to have better results. The team working at 9to5Mac was unable to provide an exact date for the release of the 3rd generation Apple TV hack program, but they, nevertheless, managed to get people to calm down. FireCore reproduced their message, but they insisted on specifying that they have nothing to do with the jailbreak process:

“There is a group of very bright and talented individuals working on a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV. While there is no telling how long this process could take, we remain optimistic that a jailbreak for this device will be available in the future. For the record, no one at FireCore is involved in the jailbreak discovery process”.

Once the jailbreak is released, FireCore will provide many useful products to its customers. Seas0nPass and aTV Flash have already been announced on the company’s website.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6: Pimskeks working on jailbreak for iPhone 5 and Apple TV 3

The Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6 is for many iPhone owners on top in the wish list and is eagerly awaited by many iDevice owners all over the world.
Unfortunately the development of untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 will still take some time and will probably be completed during the next few months.

Currently the big players in the field: pod2g, MuscleNerd and Planet Being are working full time and search for security holes in iOS 6, however, we should not forget the member of the team called Nikitas Greenp0is0n Bassen.

The German iOS hacker is already on the lookout for the appropriate Apple Tv 3 exploits, which are needed for an Untethered Jailbreak. But according to Mac Forums  very close a jailbreak for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3 is the hacker known  as the Pimskeks developer that is also working on an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. The hacker has announced shortly after the iOS 6.0.1 release  that he is very close to jailbreak Apple Tv 3.

Naturally, these are all good signs, but it is still not yet known how many vulnerabilities are still needed or how far the development is right now. Nevertheless, the iOS hacker is working at full speed and can certainly soon reveal the first successes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Tv 3 iOS 6 Jailbreak App Ready ?

As beautiful as the products from Apple are also, sometimes  it can be more than just annoying  for the customers to have so many restrictions and it is outrageous that Apple tells what the user can do and what not with the equipment they already own.
Which jailbreak is available for which device?Is there Any Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Available? All these questions and many more are answered here.

Apple recently published its new mobile operating system called iOS 6 . This comes with more than 200 new features and therefore can be installed on devices such as iPhone and iPad.  
As nice as the many new features are, iOS 6 also brings disadvantages. The new operating system is not yet jailbreakon and hackers can't go over Apple's iDevice chains. But it is expected that the hackers community to react quickly and jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 5 and Apple Tv 3
For now we encourage people to wait because THERE Is NO JAILBREAK For APPLE TV 3 available and people should watch out there are many scams in the hood .