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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Screenshots of Skins Available for XBMC

In a previous article in the XBMC guide series for Apple TV, we’ve presented you with the list of skins available for the media center. Each has its very own set of features, a comparison that is still incomplete on the official XBMC website, but as soon as we make some time we will get back to you with that information. For now, we’ve decided it would be of great help to present you with general screenshots of the skins available for the media center, just in case Confluence isn’t enough for you or are curious about what else is there.

Remember that not all skins have the same features or capabilities, so make sure you check that when you’re downloading a new one to replace Confluence. The following screenshots are not of all the available skins, you can check the full list on our website. Also, you can develop your own or modify one of the already available skins to suit your customization needs better. All of the skins are available for download via the official repo.

To install a new skin just use the tutorial we’ve published for add-ons.

Download the zip file of the skin you want your XBMC Media Center to wear, connect the SSH client to your Apple TV, then copy the zip file in the home page menu of the media center, click install from zip file and you’re done. Make sure you do follow the steps in the tutorial though, if you haven’t performed the operation before.

Aeon MQ2


Aeon Nox

Alaska Revisited

Cirrus vintage


Fusion Migma

MediaStream Redux

Project Mayhem III


Aeon Showmix



Back Row


Xperience More



Night 2.0


reFocus 0.9





List of Skins for XBMC on Apple TV Available via the v12 Frodo and v11 Eden Repo

Perhaps not as primary as the need to extend their content sources, customization is still one of the main reasons people decide to jailbreak their iOS device. XBMC has a variety of skins available that give the end user a chance to use their Media Center exactly how they want, because the programming language used makes it a lot easier to implement a variety of options. 

The following is a list of available skins for XBMC via the official repos, but you can add skins not listed on the websites too. Foundation is a good example and comes with a full tutorial on how to install it. We’ll have an article or a review ready for the Foundation XBMC skin as soon as possible.  In the meanwhile, here are the skins you can get via the official repo:

Skins for XBMC v12 Frodo available via repo
Aeon Nox
Back Row
Transparency !
Xperience 1080
Xperience More

Skins for XBMC v11 Eden available via repo

Aeon Nox
Back Row
Confluence Vertical
JX 720
MediaStream Redux
Xperience More

You can also create your very own skin. Thanks to the flexible XBMC GUI framework you can change basically everything there is to it: images, controls’ dimensions and positions, fonts, color theme, text and you can even include new features. Whether you’ve created one yourself or have downloaded a new skin for XBMC, you have to put it in the add-ons subfolder, so that XBMC will retrieve the information and allow you to access it from the Appearance Settings Menu.

We have a tutorial in the works for how to develop a skin for XBMC on Apple TV, but if you’re too anxious you can use these.

How to Install Add-ons to Apple TV using XBMC

ATV is a good start for the future of TV gadgets but there’s more than enough room for improvements. With just 18 apps available, no possibility to add or buy more channels on Apple TV and an interface that has many users angry at Apple, this $99 box opens a world of possibilities just with a jailbreak.

Customization is one of the main perks, but so is adding new channels and enjoying content that you didn’t have to pay a subscription for. A jailbreak and XBMC are a really good way to install add-ons to ATV, at least until Apple makes its device a lot more compelling.

To take advantage of the full perks of a jailbreak you need add-ons, which allow you to get new channels, apps and plugins. There are some add-ons and plugins that come with XBMC but when it comes to apps and channels they are never enough. Following is a tutorial that shows you how to install add-ons such as IceFilms, NaviX, FastPassTV, 1Channel, Watchseries or SuperTV on your ATV 1st or 2nd generation. Remember you need to perform a jailbreak first.

XMBC Add-ons
After you have downloaded the zip file you found on the XBMC forum for the add-on you’re interested in, you will have to connect the SSH client to your Apple TV. Software such as PuTTy or WINSCP for Windows and CyberDuck for MAC allow you to browse the ATV menu from your computer. Connecting the SSH client to your Apple TV is not difficult and it is essential to install add-ons and new channels. So download the SSH client that pertains to your computer’s OS and install it.

Step 1

On your Apple TV, launch XBMC and go to System Information in the Settings menu. You need the system’s IP address.

Step 2

On your computer, launch the SSH Client. You will have to fill in a few details. Select SFTP or SSH (File Transfer Protocol) from the drop down menu. Complete the Server slot with your Apple TV’s IP address. For username use “root” and “alpine” for password.

Step 3

Click Connect

Step 4

You are now inside the File System of your ATV. Go to the XBMC Home Page, identifiable by /User.

Step 5

Locate the add-on zip file you have previously downloaded. Drag it from your computer to the XBMC Home Page.

Step 6

Pick up the remote and launch XBMC on Apple TV. Navigate to System Menu and select Add-ons. Install from zip file to add a new feature or select Get Add-ons to see the list of features you’ve already installed.

Step 7

For the Install from zip, XBMC will take you into the file manager. Go to the Home Page, where you’ve copied the zip file. Click it and wait for the system to install it.

List of Add-ons Available for Apple TV via XBMC v12 (Frodo)

Seeing that XBMC is an open-source platform using quite the versatile programming language, there’s no shortage of add-ons for your Apple TV, whether you are interested in adding new channels to your ATV or skins, music, web interface and so on. We’ve already published tutorials on how to add new channels and plugins to your ATV 2 using XBMC, so here’s a list of the available features for Apple TV via XBMC v12 (Frodo).

Before we list the add-ons remember to look for these on XBMC forums and download the zip file. Let’s start with the most important, the video add-ons that add to your ATV and personal TV experience a huge source of content:

4Players Videos
ARD Mediathek
Academic Earth
Al Jazeera
Anime Vice
Anvia Watson
Apple iTunes Podcasts
Apple iTunes Trailers
Arrêt Sur Images
Attac tv
Bil Magasinet TV
Blip TV
Bѳrsen TV
Circuit Board TV
Classic Cinema
Cnet Podcasts
Comic Vine
CouchPotato Manager
DIY Network
DMAX Videotheke
DMI TV Vejrudsigt Bonanza Podcasts Video Podcasts
DR NU Player
Danish Live TV
Day (9)
ESPN Video
Earth Touch
Elisa Viihde
Eredivisie Live
EyeTV parser
FLW Outdoors
Food Network
Fox News
Funny or Die
Gamereactor GRTV
Giant Bomb
HardwareInfo Tv
Internet Archive
Irish TV
Joe Rogan Experience
Jupiter Broadcasting
Khan Academy
Kids Place
LeafsTV Interactive
M6 groupe
MLS Live
Manoto TV
NBA Video
NZ OnDemand
Nasa Videos, TV and Vodcasts
National Geographic
Nederland 24
New York Times
Njoy Live TV
Nolife Online
ORF TVthek
Offene Kanaele
On Aol
Onside TV
Penny Arcade TV
Photography podcasts
PreviewNetworks Video Trailers
Preview Networks
Reddit Music
Retroware TV
Rooster Teeth
SVT Play
ServusTV - Mediathek
Spiegel Online
Stofa web-tv
TED Talks
TV2 Video
TV3 Play
TV Viet Nam
Tagesschau Videoblog
TechCrunch TV
The Geek Group
The Joe Rogan Experience
The Trailers
Tool-assisted Superplays
Trailer Addict List Manager
Videobash HD
Vísir - VefTV
WDR Rockpalast
YouSee web-tv
YouTube Channels
ZDF Mediathek
Öppet Arkiv

How to Add Channels on ATV

“How do I add channels to my Apple TV?”, this is by far one of the most popular questions on Apple Support Communities and similar forums. Not being able to do that natively, has convinced a lot of users to either return their Apple TV calling it “junk” or take a stand and actively customize their user experience via jailbreak. For the moment, developers are still working on the ATV3 jailbreak, but for ATV 2 there are ways of adding channels.

Since the ATV 3 jailbreak is still in the works, you can add channels to ATV 1 and ATV 2 via a jailbreak. There are tutorials available in our How-to section if your device isn’t running a jailbreak yet. For those of you who have already, here are the steps needed to add channels on ATV using XBMC:

Step 1

Look for the add-ons you want on your ATV. Start by browsing the XBMC forums and download the .zip file.

Step 2

Download an SSH client to your computer. PuTTy or WinSCP for Windows or CyberDuck for MAC, one of these will help you browse the ATV menu using your computer. Install it and then connect it to your ATV.

Step 3

Launch XBMC on ATV and go to Settings > System Information to get your IP address.

Step 4

Launch the SSH Client. You will be displayed with Open a Connection window or input boxes. Select “SFTP” or “SSH” for the top drop down menu called “File Transfer Protocol”. Fill in the IP address retrieved from System Information in the “Server” slot. Type in “root” for Username and “alpine” for Password. Click Connect.

Step 5

You are now inside the ATV File System. Go to the XBMC Home Page, found at “/User”.

Step 6

Look for the XBMC add-on. Locate the file, drag it from your computer to XBMC Home Page. It will show up under Applications, Library, Media and Updates.

Step 7

Launch XBMC on ATV. Go to System Menu. You should see the Settings menu with Appearance, Video, Music, Pictures, Weather, Add-ons, Network, System and Skin listed at the left. Select Add-ons.

Step 8

You have four slots available. Use Install from Zip File. That will take you into the file manager, where once again you will need to go to the Home Folder, where the zip file is located. Click on the file to install it. XBMC will display a message in the bottom left corner when your add-on is enabled.

List of XBMC Add-ons Available via Third-Party Sources

In addition to what you can get via the XBMC repo, there’s an ever-growing list of unofficial repositories that deliver skins, new content sources, all kinds of general add-ons and plugins, as well as music and TV channels. 

These are just as easy to install as the official ones, by downloading and moving the zip file in the home page menu, connecting the SSH client and selecting Install from Zip file. You can also create a repository of your own, we will get back to you with the full tutorial on how to do that. In the meanwhile here is a list of the main unofficial repositories and the add-ons you can get.

Adult Add-ons available at, use it for adult content
Aeon MQ3/4 Skin Repo available at
Agx’s repo availavle at, use it for adult content
AJ Video Add-ons available at, Indian content compatible with ATV2
Ampedandwired’s Add-ons available at
Angelscry Add-ons available at, home of the Advanced Launcher
Balinus Repo available at, home for the Shade skin compatible with XBMC Eden   
Black’s Repo available at, home for the Xperience 1080 skin
Bluecop’s Repo available at
Bossanova808’s Repo available at, use it to get the Squeezebox controller and player
Carb0’s Repo available at, use it for getting the NHL Gamecenter
Djtoll Add-ons available at, use it to get the Joggler skin for touchscreen devices
IPTV Addons available at, use it to get IPTV plugins
Membrane’s Repository available at, use it to get several video and music streaming add-ons
Ruuk’s Repo available at, use it to get flickr, Facebook Media, Screensaver, X-note and several others
Stacked Add-on Repository available at, use it to get PBS, Revision3, TMZ, ESPN Video, NBA Video, Trailer Addict and G4TV
Wiiego Add-ons available at, use it to get Terra Sonora Audio Service to listen to free music
XOT: Uzg Add-n available at, use it to get online TV streaming sites

TV Scraper Add-ons for Apple TV via XBMC v12 (Frodo) to Sort Out Your Content Library

If you’re not exactly familiar with web scrapers and importers you might want to know exactly what a TV scraper does to understand why it would be cool to have one installed on your ATV. These tools are used by the XBMC Media Center to retrieve metadata information about your digital content. This means through one of these you’re getting artwork, episode and season number, resolution and type for music and movies.

IMDB used to be the only importer for XBMC but with recent updates scrapers today are available in different languages and from different sources. If you’re patient enough you can even make a custom TV scraper of your own. Until we publish our own tutorial on how to do that, you can use this one. We will get back at you with full tutorials on how to set content and scanning of your video library, including subfolders, movie and TV show content settings.
TV Scraper Add-ons for Apple TV

For now here are the settings for the Movie scraper which lists the following options: Keep Original Title, Enable Fanart (yes or no), Enable Trailer from YouTube (yes or no to download YouTube movie trailers), Prefer trailer from (yes or no if you want to use an alternative trailer download; select No if it’s YouTube trailers you want), Preferred language (set the language preferred for metadata and summaries, e.g. en for English) and finally, Get rating from (select the website you want to download ratings for your movies, e.g. IMDb).

Settings for TV show scraper settings are similar. The General TVDB add-on settings list Use DVD Order (instead of broadcast), Use Absolute Ordering – Single Season (play the TV show as one season), Enable Fanart (yes or no), Prefer Posters (enable it to download posters instead of banners; if you’re using the default skin toggle the layout settings) and Language (set the language preferred for metadata and summaries, e.g. en for English).
List of the TV scraper add-ons compatible with Apple TV and XBMC v12:

Anime News Network (TV)

Daum Movie (TV) (TV)

Friday, May 3, 2013

What is XBMC for Apple TV?

When it comes to customization and added features for Apple TV, XBMC is a free and open source media player application that is compatible with Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, BSD and Microsoft Windows. It is a main option when it comes to hotel television systems, content streaming devices, Smart TVs and so on, providing support for third-party apps, slideshows and even weather forecasts, not to mention most of audio, video and image formats. 

XMBC for Apple Tv Guide

XBMC’s plugin system is written in Python programming language, which allows developers to deliver new features using a shorter syntax than commonly. This type of code is compatible with multiple programming paradigms and features automatic memory management with an extensive standard library that is easier to enable. XBMC is also compatible with LAN and other internet networks and can be used to expand the standard features of the ATV to include new television program guides, podcast streaming and a gaming platform.

And there’s a lot more it can do thanks to the embedded Python Scripts Engine for add-on extensions. It allows you to enjoy widgets that connect to photo-sharing websites such as Flickr and Instagram, several online TV guides, even e-mail clients and train-timetables, as well as file-sharing downloaders such as BitTorrent and so on. It also has a built-in feature that automatically downloads metadata information for your content. You get reviews, movie posters, cover arts and other info about your audio and video content from sources such as,, CDDB, Allmusic, MusicBrainz and FanArt.Tv. 

One of XBMC’s best features is being able to perform impressively even on the cheapest devices, provided they are equipped with at least a dual-core 2 GHz CPU. It works with VAAPI Intel, Broadcom and AMD chips, Microsoft DXVA and Apple’s VDADecoder/VideoToolBox, as well as OpenMax.

Customization is also possible, particularly when it comes to skins such as Confluence and Touch (two of the most popular skins among users). All in all, XBMC is one of the main reasons why users jailbreak their Apple Tvs.

XBMX News: XBMC 12.2 for Apple TV Release Includes Tons of Fixes for 12.1 and 12.0

Earlier this month, has announced the official release of the 12.2 version, one that has tons of fixes for previous editions’ bugs. The 12.2 XBMC for Apple TV is more Frodo than ever before, with fixes that make the whole experience insanely more appealing, easy and fast. 

It is suffice to say, if you’ve been experiencing problems with various platforms that run the media center, you should update immediately. You can update XBMC via the download link available on the website. Just make sure you choose the appropriate version for your platform (OSX, Linux, Windows, ATV – ATV2, iOS, AMD – Intel, Android, Raspberry Pi).

xbmc official website

What XBMC 12.2 adds new to the table for Apple TV, iOS and OSX:

OSX audio mixing fixes
AirPlay fixes such as a more resilient discovery of XBMCon OSX
It now supports full iPhone 5 resolution
Volume buttons are fixed to control OSX volume, not the media center’s
It now supports iOS 6 on Apple TV2
Provides support for the default OSX audio output device
Provides support for hardware decoding with Intel GPUs
Fixes Apple TV top shelf bug
XBMC 12.2 fixes for all platforms:

Solves infinite loop on add-on dependencies
Addresses crash reports
No more memory leak bug when you minimize the media center
Solves several audio crashed reported from Linux builds
Resume-bookmarks for the Bluray folder are now functional
It scans new content on file folders once again        
XBMC is now optimized for Raspberry Pi
It provides support for Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Persian (Iran), Tamil (India), Uzbek and Vietnamese languages
Improved support for new Xbox 360 controllers
CEC devices work better thanks to “broader and more intelligent support”

Remember the XBMC is an open-source platform where everyone can help, either help by tracking and submitting bugs, by developing new skins and add-ons, by providing support with already announced bugs and finally by offering a donation.