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Thursday, January 31, 2013

ATV 3 Jailbreak Status Update : Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking Your Apple TV 3

Software Development Status Update :
Apple TV 3 Untethered Version - Completed
Beta Testing is now over. Our team would like to tank all our users who helped us in the beta testing process
Current Development Stage: User Interface
The software will be available for public download(free) after graphic interface is completed.

Here is a short preview : Chip Jailbreak Group Service Preview

Official Release Date :
Today, tommorow, by the end of the month. Please be patient !
We are waiting for designers and conders to complete the final stage for the user interface.

Meanwhile in Jailbreak Land :
Most people fear jailbreaking their modern devices because they think their gadgets might be forever compromised.
Those few people who have had the courage to take the big step and control their electronic devices, have been very satisfied with the benefits they have obtained. So, is it worth jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 or not? Here are some pros and cons that will help you make up your mind.

The process of jailbreaking digital media receivers has been described both as a legal and an illegal act. The existing laws do not cover these cases, so it is up to the manufacturers whether they want to file a lawsuit or not. Apple, however, is encouraging the production of Apple TV 3 jailbreaks, so the software could soon be acknowledged as legal.

The safety of your Apple TV 3 is much more important than any legal grounds related to jailbreaks, which is why you should take the time to think the risks through. Once you break into the software of your digital media receiver, your Apple TV 3 will be more vulnerable to viruses and malwares. These incidents can be easily prevented by simply choosing to manually update your device and by downloading apps from trustworthy websites.

Skeptics will try to prevent you from jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 by claiming that you will lose the product’s warranty. There are many other situations that will cause you to lose the device’s warranty, so you should not be set back by their argument. As long as you take care of your digital media receiver and you carefully follow the jailbreaking instructions, your Apple TV 3 will be safe.

Now that I have enlisted the three main disadvantages of jailbreaking your Apple TV 3, it is time to move on to the long list of benefits. The software is a blessing for customers who want to get rid of Apple’s control and be able to use their devices to their fullest potential. The jailbreak enables users to install all the applications they want and to improve the device’s performance with the help of additional functions.

Moreover, the digital media receiver can be customized to display the information that is more relevant for the user once the original software has been breached.

In the end, jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 is not a risk-free process; on the contrary, both the hardware and the software components may be compromised if you don’t follow the instructions. Yet, as an owner of a jailbroken Apple TV 3, I can guarantee you that the risks are just a small price to pay compared to the numerous benefits you will get.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jailbreak: Updates on Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

 Jailbreak Status Update
Tech lovers who recently bought their Apple TV 3 device might want to get familiar with the most recent details concerning the release of the untethered jailbreak. The software went through different stages as developers initially thought the media receiver was impossible to breach and later on, discovered that the hacking software was possible, after all.

Just the other day, developers at Chip Jailbreak Group released a statement announcing that the untethered version of Apple TV 3 will be available by the end of the year.

The press release wrote: “The hacking software is undergoing tests before the final version will eventually be uploaded on the company’s website”. No exact dates were provided, which means we will have to keep on pressing the refresh button for new information.

The team was the first to create a breaching program for Apple TV 3. However, the first users who downloaded the software claimed the jailbreak needed a PC connection for the device to preserve its features after the turn-off. As a result, developers got back to their labs to produce an untethered version of the software, that is, the version that will no longer require a PC connection.

Close sources have stated that the team has already accomplished the first steps towards the creation of the untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak, but the rumor was not confirmed by developers yet. They only declared in their press release that they will continue to test the program they have for one or two more weeks.

These tests are necessary, in their opinion, because they help developers establish whether the program can hack all devices and whether it will bring the same benefits to all customers who will install them on their digital media receivers.

Delivering good products is extremely important for programmers and for this reason, they always ask for customers’ feedback making sure to take their requests in consideration all the time. If you plan to get complete access on your Apple TV 3 by the end of the year, make sure you check the Featured News Category and look for updates..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Apple tv 3 1080p Untethered Jailbreak Software: Just a Few Days Away

You can tell it’s the holiday season as the good news keep on coming for Apple TV customers. After numerous attempts and trials, our developers have finally managed to produce an untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak. We are now performing the final tests on the hacking software which is due to be released very soon.
  •  ATV 3 Untethered Jailbreak App will be Available for download at no cost
  • Beta Testing is Over : Our Technicians are working to develop an easy and user friendly software interface 
None of the Apple TV 3 jailbreaks that were released until now has been perfect. The software of the device could rarely be breached and the available Seas0nPass programs had one drawback or another. We have managed to release one of the best beta versions for Apple TV 3, but the jailbreak was tethered.

Thanks to the new untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak you no longer have to connect your digital media receiver to your computer in order to boot it. You can finally relax and forget about your battery charger because shutting down your device will trigger no unwanted consequences.

Rebooting your Apple TV 3 is now easier than ever thanks to our new untethered jailbreak. All you have to do if you ever want to reboot your device is to turn it on and proceed as usual without worrying about any computer connections.

We can guarantee you that the untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak is perfectly functional. In fact, our developers are performing numerous tests because they want to make sure that the version they release is really the best you can find.

As soon as the tests will be completed, the hacking software will be published on our website for download in the ATV 3 Featured News category. We cannot provide an exact date for the release of the program, so make sure you stick around and visit our website as often as possible. The untethered Apple TV 3 jailbreak is just a few days away.