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Still no Jailbreak Available for Apple Tv 3, still many scams are available BEWARE!!.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Status Update and $2500 Bounty Launch

Posted by: John

We know how much you’ve been waiting for this status update and we’d like to apologize it took us so long to get back at you in a post.(Why is Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Taking So Long?)
Meanwhile here is the Only Apple Tv Jailbreak Alternative - Learn more about Plex

We’ve been communicating with you over the past few weeks via comments, emails and messages and you’ve been of so much help, thanks are in order. I know you’d love more to be thanked with a public jailbreak release for ATV3, but you’re going to have to wait just a little bit more.

We’ve decided to make another call for fellow jailbreakers to get involved. This time around there’s a $2500 bounty and Future Donations Credits to get you motivated.

But first things first. We’ve made a lot of progress and a lot of that is thanks to you. We have currently so many exploits to test we just can’t do it by ourselves.

Like Mike Davies mentioned before, there is an army of global hackers and testers helping with this. Small in numbers, that’s true, but even so big in brain power. Jailbreaking Apple TV 3 is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Remember there’s always a solution, you just have to look for it consistently. We are optimistic about the release of the ATV3 jailbreak in the upcoming weeks, so stay positive, you’ll soon have a reason to unbox your device.

How Can You Help 

Follow up the progress

  • Help Us Spread The Word
  • Follow Mike Davies - Join the Discussion, Share ideas, Donate...

  • Share any Alternative Solutions for ATV3 Jailbreak and help the community

 Thanks to everyone and anyone who decides to help us and bring something useful to this project! 

Please don't waste our time with comments like :"This is scam", "Where is the Jailbreak" " The Jailbreak will never come out"

If you don't like this website leave it.

And now for the most appealing part of our Apple TV 3 jailbreak status update: the $2500 bounty. Remember we are understaffed and poorly funded, but we decided to award the person that delivers a bullet-proof jailbreak fix for ATV3 with a bounty worth $2500. The money is already set aside to make sure we are all ready to go with a public release as soon as the jailbreak is delivered.

The only condition for the $2500 bounty is to agree to have the ATV3 jailbreak code released publicly for free. We are also ready to give you the Future Donations Credits, so if you’ve been waiting for a good reason to actually set up your mind on developing the ATV3 jailbreak, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Please remember we are all doing our very best to release this jailbreak as soon as possible and that’s why we have decided to launch the $2500 bounty out of my own pocket . Hope that is a good-enough motivation for all of you great hackers out there. Just contact us by email, by comment or via a social network for more details. 

I know you’ve been waiting for news on this, so here is where we currently stand with the Apple TV 3 jailbreak. We are currently testing several exploits and most are giving us a handful. A reader reported that xmbc works on atv3 with airparrot via a file called Bonjour64.msi which is obtained from an iTunes file download. We tried that and used it with airplay to try mirroring on atv3 via an iPad with xbmc. So that’s one hack that’s been causing  a lot of headaches.

We’ve also received an ATV3 restore.ipsw file and a key said to be directly from Apple and we are currently testing the jailbreak using that particular code. There’s a lot more that’s going on, just enough hacks to keep us busy night and day. If you want to help, please contact us and we’ll give you a full update.

Also, thanks for the financial support. That’s been very helpful since during the development of the ATV3 jailbreak we’ve burned a lot of devices.

I know the last ATV 3 jailbreak status update article became difficult to scroll for comments, so you can stay in touch with us via the rss feed for comments available here: I have also set up a widget to help stay in touch and now you can follow us by e-mail. You can find it in the right sidebar.

While we’re still working on the jailbreak for ATV3, you will have a new section at hand to browse on our website. We have put together a comprehensive selection of How To articles that will help you make the most of your ATV and it will be available in the next days.

Articles vary from teaching you how to set up your Apple TV and how to set up home sharing for Apple TV or how to use AirPlay Mirroring, as well as troubleshooting for common issues. Our Apple TV hacks, how-to articles and guides will apply to all generation-devices, not just ATV 3.
Thank you all for being so patient and remember, stay positive and don't give up on getting the jailbreak for ATV3.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Status Update: Yet another Call to Action, the $2500 Bounty Is Still a Go

For the past few months we’ve been all working really hard on finding the most secure exploit to inject the jailbreak for Apple TV 3. I wish I was giving you good news about the ATV 3 jailbreak project status, but despite not announcing a set date for the jailbreak’s public release, we are so much closer from where we were almost two months ago, the time when the $2500 bounty set off.

It’s been such a challenging time for the entire Apple TV 3 Jailbreak team and whenever we were too tired to try another hack, all you guys were here to cheer us up and give us the drive needed to give it another try. So once again, thank you for all the support, for all the donations, for all the help with files and ideas for exploits. It’s stuff like “keep the hacking efforts going guys”, “ONLY YOU CAN DO IT” and “IS IT DONE?” that keeps everyone focused. Our favorite by far is when all you guys offer to help us whenever we are stuck.

Help is much appreciated and intensely needed, reason why the $2500 Apple TV 3 jailbreak bounty is still on. If you ever have dwelt in puzzling hacking, have a love for fully optimized devices and you are basically a magnet for mind-boggling challenges, we are keen to welcome you on our team of devs. Or just send us your solution for the ATV 3 jailbreak and if it tests successfully you will become the lucky owner of $2500, not to mention Future Donations Credits and the appreciation of millions of ATV fans worldwide.

There’s been a lot going on with the Apple TV 3 jailbreak development. The recent release of the Plex Connect for ATV 3 and ATV 2 without requiring a jailbreak being injected into the root system, has opened new ways at looking at the jailbreak. We’ve been pondering a way to bypass Apple security using its very own software vulnerabilities, just like the Trailer app is being hijacked by Plex. We’re working with different coding languages and tools from Python and XML to XBMC and Airparrot, and the vulnerabilities are nothing but daunting, mind boggling and varied. I’d say with a few more people on board, we’d be able to do twice the work we’ve been doing for the past 5 months in half that time. \ 

A lot of you have argued that Plex Connect isn’t that much of a brilliant hack, but it is actually quite of a milestone in jailbreaking ATVs. Being able to use Plex on Apple TV without being required for a jailbreak was the best news many ATV users have received related to their content experience lately and was an eye-opener for the jailbreak community. It shows Apple’s latest OS is vulnerable and it gives us hope and inspiration to look even further for exploits. So, until we get back to you with the news about the jailbreak release, why shouldn’t you try to enjoy your Apple TV 3 to the fullest?

There’ still a lot of stuff to do with your Apple TV (3,2 or 1st generation) as the How To section of the website shows. Even if you’re not a Plex fan or having a hard time imagining an unjailbroken Apple TV as being more than a “useless brick”, try to implement the device to the optimum using all of its features. And it’s not like it can’t mirror all kinds of content. Try AirPlay Mirroring if you haven’t for a while. I’m sure you’ll remember how fun it was the first time you set it up! And if you haven’t ever used AirPlay Mirroring, we have a full guide and tutorial on how to do that.

That being said, keep up the positive thinking. We all need it and don't forget about the $2500 bounty for a successful Apple TV 3 jailbreak. We are serious about this. So if you know someone that's great at hacking into iOS and could use a fat paycheck, spread the message.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Status: Get Involved

 Posted by: Mike Davies

Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV 3
Possibility to fully control your devices and to free them of any restrictions imposed by Apple. Once Apple TV 3 has been jailbroken, the digital media received will enable the visualization of a wider range of videos and the installation of a large number of applications.

Apple offers a limited range of possibilities for customers who want to customize their devices, but the hacking program enables owners to select the information they want to display on their background and the information they want to hide.

Installing the ATV 3 jailbreak has been compared to opening a window of opportunities. The software is the only one that offers access to all the major network channels, such as, Hulu, ESPN, Amazon,, Pandora, PBS, A&E, ABC, CBS, NBA, MTV, not to mention the videos that can be watched on iTunes, Netflix, NBA, NHL, YouTube and Vimeo.

Jailbreak Apple tv 3

There are many apps that can be added on the device after the unlocking procedure has been completed.
Even if you don’t plan to jailbreak the device yet, Maybe you will change your mind and get it once it is released. No one forces people to jailbreak their gadgets, yet millions of users choose to jailbreak themselves because of all the benefits that come along with this process.

  Find Out About Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Status

  Follow our progress and video tutorials and join in with unlocking
  the apple TV 3 file system and customize it  to your liking. If 
  everyone waits for this to happen you could be waiting a long time.
  We are so close to a unlock and need your help.

  How Can You Help 

  There Are Two Ways: Anyone Can Help Speed This Up

 1: download the apple TV 3 files and help extracting the
    keys from the keybag file giving us all full unencrypted
    access to the .ipsw and the ability to modify and install
    the files we wish  (xbmx) - (openssh) and many more

  2: Make a small donation every dollar helps, remember all
    the time and effort that goes into these jailbreaks is a lot
    and we release them for free. We also need to buy
    equipment  for the purpose of testing . So it all helps.

Take part and help speed up the process