Thursday, July 11, 2013

Firecore Updates aTV Flash (black) for Apple TV 5.3

The Apple TV 5.3 features quite the number of good reasons to update your software right now. Besides now being able to stream content from HBO GO and WatchESPN you are also getting a better aTV Flash, because Firecore released the update for Apple TV 5.3 earlier this month.

It was during the Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple has rolled out Apple TV Software Update 5.3 for its ATV 2nd and 3rd generations and it features such good news it would have been impossible not to cause a lot of buzz. In case you’ve missed out on the news, the new update brings tons of new channels on your $99 Apple TV, including HBO GO, ESPN, Sky News and Crunchyroll. Sure this is good news mostly for the US-based ATV owner, but Firecore launched something to appeal to all users, regardless of their location on the planet.

Firecore launched at the beginning of July an updated version of its aTV Flash (black), compatible with ATV 2nd and 3rd generation running Apple’s 5.3 software. And that’s not the only good news. The 5.3 aTV Flash features several changes and improvements to the overall user experience. Top of the list are improved Dolby (AC3) audio, metadata fetching, detection of subtitle encoding, reliability of settings backups and a bunch of fixes and performance improvements. By the way, if you’re looking for the Media Player, in the aTV Flash (black) for ATV 5.3 it’s called “Infuse for Apple TV”. Also, there’s added localizations for Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

Infuse, the aTV Flash (black) Media Player, features support for most media formats and keeps everything organized for you, including detailed info about your movies and TV series and even artwork. It also makes it easy to add and use subtitles and synch everything with trakt, so you’ll get TV and movie recommendations, based on what you’ve already watched and enjoyed.

You should have already been informed there is a new update available for Apple TV. If you haven’t already updated to version 5.3 or haven’t been notified of the release, you can check for it manually in the Check for Updates section (go to Settings in General Menu). Or you can download the update files separately and manually install them. This means you will have to connect your Apple TV to your computer and use iTunes to deliver the newest software version.