Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Is Apple TV3 Jailbreak Taking So Long - Beware Of Scams

A lot of you have pointed fingers in disbelief calling our project a scam and accused us of doing all this for the money. I’ll say it one more time and that’s it: this is not a scam, we are all in for the challenge of jailbreaking one of Apple’s toughest devices and we all want to deliver a jailbreak that will work for all of us. We’ve been having the busiest time of our lives and it’s been quite difficult to find time to stay connected and keep you updated daily on our project status.

Jailbreaking iOS and A5 devices is difficult, but not impossible, and like evad3rs proved before us, it takes effort and time to release a jailbreak.

iOS 6 on iPhone 5 took them several weeks, but that’s a device that offers a lot more opportunities for exploits than Apple TV 3. The ATV on the other hand offers a very small space of action because there are less services and process running on the $99 device.

That means it is consistently harder for us to achieve full root access because the doorways to do that through are limited in number and better sealed by Apple than other devices. Remember, that it’s not impossible, it’s just a matter of time before we lock in that exploit so stay positive. We get most of our motivation from you, so claims that the jailbreak is never going to be released, accusations that this is a scam and so on can only hurt the project.

Secondly, the Apple TV 3 jailbreak takes so long because we are understaffed, so there are only a few developers working on this. This is particularly the case because most of the hackers familiar with iOS exploits and jailbreaking are focusing on iPhone, iPad and the iPod.

Because ATV exploits are limited and difficult to lock down, only those that love a good challenge are working on the jailbreak. Hopefully, the $2500 bounty will motivate some of you to get involved.

So, in a few words jailbreaking Apple TV3 takes so long because:
  1. We are only a few people working on this jailbreak
  2. The number of processes and services that can be exploited is limited
  3. ATV3 features no natively installed browser, being limited to on screen system access to iTunes and YouTube
  4. All of this means we can’t fully open ATV3 to third party apps...YET!

We are currently testing several exploits, and although we are very close to a partial tethered jailbreak, it’s going to take us a little bit more before we publicly release a bullet-proof fix. So while we keep up the work, keep your fingers crossed and stay positive.


  1. Hey, what if I accidentally updated my apple tv 3 to the newest software update. When the jailbreak comes out, is it going to work on it? :(

  2. The sneaky way to let Apple update your AT3 is so scary... When you pause a movie and its in the screensaver you can start movie again by it play button, but then there is that UPDATE page... and 1 more hit on the play button and it will update...

    I know EVERY time hit the down button and then see what kind of screen i have....

    Can i block maybe a HOSTNAME that is needed to update the AT3, so it will never can update even you hit the update button?

  3. Hello Peter,

    I think you need to block this URL:


  4. i checked this link
    it says
    whats th difference plz?
    i want to block the same atv3 update popup.

  5. Hey why don't we just ask Apple to open up ATV3 to their loyal FANS/Customers. We love your products we pay a lot of money for these excellent products.

  6. a new update might even offer more exploit possibilities right? So why not updating? I got the appleTV as a gift which has been already updated so if there will be a jailbreak for the TV3 but not its latest update i will be so damn pissed :D

    go ahead guys, crack the shit!

  7. I sure hope you guys can jailbreak ATV3.
    Bought it for XBMC in the first place, and never imagined that a jailbreak would take so long in the making.
    Keep up the good work guys! Good luck!

  8. Hello everybody Wish you good day , I know this can sound dumb , but I need to know . I have a co-worker telling me he has his ATV3 working like a charm Wide open .. . Is the JailBreak exist

    1. If he did not update the latest version sofware.

    2. I got a new apple tv 3, how can i jailbreak it, or where i find a tutorial to follow? i dont have update the software yet. Thanks.

  9. If the ATV can connect via usb to a mac for update and restore why not load it with a custom built older ios?