Saturday, May 4, 2013

TV Scraper Add-ons for Apple TV via XBMC v12 (Frodo) to Sort Out Your Content Library

If you’re not exactly familiar with web scrapers and importers you might want to know exactly what a TV scraper does to understand why it would be cool to have one installed on your ATV. These tools are used by the XBMC Media Center to retrieve metadata information about your digital content. This means through one of these you’re getting artwork, episode and season number, resolution and type for music and movies.

IMDB used to be the only importer for XBMC but with recent updates scrapers today are available in different languages and from different sources. If you’re patient enough you can even make a custom TV scraper of your own. Until we publish our own tutorial on how to do that, you can use this one. We will get back at you with full tutorials on how to set content and scanning of your video library, including subfolders, movie and TV show content settings.
TV Scraper Add-ons for Apple TV

For now here are the settings for the Movie scraper which lists the following options: Keep Original Title, Enable Fanart (yes or no), Enable Trailer from YouTube (yes or no to download YouTube movie trailers), Prefer trailer from (yes or no if you want to use an alternative trailer download; select No if it’s YouTube trailers you want), Preferred language (set the language preferred for metadata and summaries, e.g. en for English) and finally, Get rating from (select the website you want to download ratings for your movies, e.g. IMDb).

Settings for TV show scraper settings are similar. The General TVDB add-on settings list Use DVD Order (instead of broadcast), Use Absolute Ordering – Single Season (play the TV show as one season), Enable Fanart (yes or no), Prefer Posters (enable it to download posters instead of banners; if you’re using the default skin toggle the layout settings) and Language (set the language preferred for metadata and summaries, e.g. en for English).
List of the TV scraper add-ons compatible with Apple TV and XBMC v12:

Anime News Network (TV)

Daum Movie (TV) (TV)


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