Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to Install Add-ons to Apple TV using XBMC

ATV is a good start for the future of TV gadgets but there’s more than enough room for improvements. With just 18 apps available, no possibility to add or buy more channels on Apple TV and an interface that has many users angry at Apple, this $99 box opens a world of possibilities just with a jailbreak.

Customization is one of the main perks, but so is adding new channels and enjoying content that you didn’t have to pay a subscription for. A jailbreak and XBMC are a really good way to install add-ons to ATV, at least until Apple makes its device a lot more compelling.

To take advantage of the full perks of a jailbreak you need add-ons, which allow you to get new channels, apps and plugins. There are some add-ons and plugins that come with XBMC but when it comes to apps and channels they are never enough. Following is a tutorial that shows you how to install add-ons such as IceFilms, NaviX, FastPassTV, 1Channel, Watchseries or SuperTV on your ATV 1st or 2nd generation. Remember you need to perform a jailbreak first.

XMBC Add-ons
After you have downloaded the zip file you found on the XBMC forum for the add-on you’re interested in, you will have to connect the SSH client to your Apple TV. Software such as PuTTy or WINSCP for Windows and CyberDuck for MAC allow you to browse the ATV menu from your computer. Connecting the SSH client to your Apple TV is not difficult and it is essential to install add-ons and new channels. So download the SSH client that pertains to your computer’s OS and install it.

Step 1

On your Apple TV, launch XBMC and go to System Information in the Settings menu. You need the system’s IP address.

Step 2

On your computer, launch the SSH Client. You will have to fill in a few details. Select SFTP or SSH (File Transfer Protocol) from the drop down menu. Complete the Server slot with your Apple TV’s IP address. For username use “root” and “alpine” for password.

Step 3

Click Connect

Step 4

You are now inside the File System of your ATV. Go to the XBMC Home Page, identifiable by /User.

Step 5

Locate the add-on zip file you have previously downloaded. Drag it from your computer to the XBMC Home Page.

Step 6

Pick up the remote and launch XBMC on Apple TV. Navigate to System Menu and select Add-ons. Install from zip file to add a new feature or select Get Add-ons to see the list of features you’ve already installed.

Step 7

For the Install from zip, XBMC will take you into the file manager. Go to the Home Page, where you’ve copied the zip file. Click it and wait for the system to install it.


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