Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple TV 3: Third Generation Apple TV Pros and Cons

The third generation of digital media receiver produced by Apple TV is now available for less than $100 on Amazon, but skeptics think the device is not really worth the purchase. In their opinion, Roku and other streaming media players can easily compete against Apple TV3, but we can prove you the latter has many more advantages.

Apple TV 3 lets you download as much music and video content as you like from iTunes unlike other gadgets that have limited access to these files. Customers can watch more than 600+ channels on Apple’s digital media receiver, so there is really no limit to the programs you can stream. If these are, however, not enough for you, there is always the possibility to jailbreak the Apple TV 3 and increase the number of benefits.

Once you have breached the software of the streaming player, you will have access to all types of channels including those which are not normally compatible with the device. The gadget will support all types of files, so you won’t have to worry that you can’t access certain documents on Apple TV 3. Moreover, you will be able to download as many apps as you like, not just the ones that have been created by Apple Store.

Among the numerous benefits you will get after the jailbreak is also the customization of the background. The jailbreak gives you the possibility to display the information that is more important for you on the first page. There are numerous categories you may choose from, such as, news, weather forecasts, share prices, etc.
Apple gives you the possibility to connect your digital media receiver with other Apple devices with the help of the app called AirPlay.
Customers, who prefer other products besides Apple, have stated that the streaming player is useless unless you have other Apple devices. The AirPlay feature is, nevertheless, available on your Apple TV 3 in case you ever decide to buy an iPad or an iPhone, so it may turn out useful someday.

The jailbreak for Apple TV 3 is currently being tested before being officially released at the beginning of February by Chip Group Developers. It is the untethered version that will enable users to reboot their devices without connecting the Apple TV 3 to a PC. The jailbreaks released by Chip Developers have always been appreciated by customers because they have the best results.


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