Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Is In Progress

The news that the most talented team of hackers could not jailbreak Apple TV 3 has caused a mass hysteria among Internet users. A week later, the developers at Chronic Dev Team announced that an Apple TV 3 jailbreak is currently in progress.

Pod2g, the expert working on jailbreaks disappointed his Twitter followers last week when he informed them that no Apple TV 3 jailbreak was possible for the moment. “I’m not currently working on it nor anyone that I’m aware of,” he added. In spite of the sad news, rumor has it that experts at FireCore might have found a way to break into the software.

jailbreak apple tv 3, apple tv 3The first to announce a jailbreak for the third generation of Apple TV was 9to5Mac. They reassured followers that the person who is working on the project is familiar with Apple TV, so the jailbreak will most certainly be a success.

Various methods have been tested until now, but only one jailbreak seems to have better results. The team working at 9to5Mac was unable to provide an exact date for the release of the 3rd generation Apple TV hack program, but they, nevertheless, managed to get people to calm down. FireCore reproduced their message, but they insisted on specifying that they have nothing to do with the jailbreak process:

“There is a group of very bright and talented individuals working on a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV. While there is no telling how long this process could take, we remain optimistic that a jailbreak for this device will be available in the future. For the record, no one at FireCore is involved in the jailbreak discovery process”.

Once the jailbreak is released, FireCore will provide many useful products to its customers. Seas0nPass and aTV Flash have already been announced on the company’s website.