Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Tv 3 iOS 6 Jailbreak App Ready ?

As beautiful as the products from Apple are also, sometimes  it can be more than just annoying  for the customers to have so many restrictions and it is outrageous that Apple tells what the user can do and what not with the equipment they already own.
Which jailbreak is available for which device?Is there Any Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak Available? All these questions and many more are answered here.

Apple recently published its new mobile operating system called iOS 6 . This comes with more than 200 new features and therefore can be installed on devices such as iPhone and iPad.  
As nice as the many new features are, iOS 6 also brings disadvantages. The new operating system is not yet jailbreakon and hackers can't go over Apple's iDevice chains. But it is expected that the hackers community to react quickly and jailbreak iOS 6 for iPhone 5 and Apple Tv 3
For now we encourage people to wait because THERE Is NO JAILBREAK For APPLE TV 3 available and people should watch out there are many scams in the hood .


  1. plz inform as soon as the jailbreak is out!

  2. Unfortunately this is very encouraging for Apple as they have finally put something out that can not be jailbroke.

  3. there is no such a thing as can not...